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Our 5 most common offshoring roles

Discover how Black Piano goes beyond traditional recruitment by building tailored dream teams, from IT support to software development, to elevate your business with expertise, innovation and efficiency.

7 benefits of offshoring for UK companies

Discover how UK-based companies can thrive in the global market through offshoring. By leveraging lower labour costs, accessing diverse talent pools, and embracing round-the-clock operations, businesses gain flexibility, scalability, and risk diversification. Offshoring empowers companies to innovate, expand and remain competitive.

What you should know before offshoring IT services

Before diving into offshoring IT services, businesses must carefully consider key factors such as risk assessment, legal compliance, cultural awareness, and technological infrastructure. By evaluating potential risks, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, fostering effective communication, and prioritising continuous improvement, companies can harness the full potential of offshoring to drive efficiency, innovation, and global competitiveness.

Why India is the right choice for offshoring?

Discover why India is the top choice for UK companies considering offshoring. With its skilled workforce, cost efficiency, English proficiency, reliable infrastructure and convenient time zone proximity, India offers a conducive environment for successful outsourcing partnerships. From software development to customer support, India's rich experience in offshoring and strong work culture make it an ideal destination for businesses.

Understanding offshoring trends in 2024

Understanding offshoring trends in 2024 is crucial for businesses navigating the global market. From leveraging cost-efficient labour pools to embracing technological advancements and remote work dynamics, staying on top of offshoring trends ensures companies remain competitive and adaptable in an ever-evolving landscape.

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