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Our Causes

At Black Piano, our commitment to making a difference runs deep. We believe in giving back by contributing and volunteering to communities. Explore the causes and charities we're passionate about and discover why they hold a special meaning to us.

Dasve Public School

Dasve Public School is in Lavasa, a city close to Pune in India. The school is attended by children aged 4 to 12 years old. Originally set up to educate children from underprivileged villages near to Lavasa, the school is now suffering from a lack of funding, affecting a number of teachers, availability of resources and basic maintenance.  On a recent visit to the school, Jonathan, Abhishek and several Black Piano members met with the Headteacher, staff and children. We were all struck by the immense efforts and commitment of the teaching staff as well as the drive and ambition of the children. We had to do something... For a number of years, Black Piano’s members have been voluntarily contributing from their salaries every month to Dasve Public School. Black Piano doubles whatever contribution is made, and is working closely with the School to go further in 2024.


WheelPower is the UK’s national charity for wheelchair sport, and is based at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement. WheelPower is dedicated to providing opportunities for disabled people to enjoy sports and live healthy active lives.  WheelPower is a charity that relies on donations and gifts to continue supporting disabled people. Black Piano is proud to donate 5 per cent of annual profits to WheelPower.

Working towards carbon neutral

Compared to many businesses, Black Piano’s carbon footprint is relatively low. Most of our members do not commute to work, energy demand for work is not excessive and business travel is limited. But we believe it’s important that we do what we can to limit our impact on the environment.  

So, we measure our carbon footprint, we make proactive choices about the travel we make, and we prioritise working with partners who share our passion.


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