Why India?

India is an amazing country. With a human history going back 55,000 years and as today’s largest single population, India is arguably the most diverse country in the world. Black Piano is proud to work exclusively with Indian talent.

Starting your journey
with Indian talent

Selecting the right destination to build a remote team is not an easy decision. There’s so much to consider. Cost. Experience. Scalability. English language skills. Time zone. The list goes on.

India’s heritage in outsourcing, the sheer size of its skilled talent pool and the fantastic English language skills of its people, makes it the most reliable and cost-effective destination to build a remote team


India is in a unique phase of growth. Building on 30+ years of experience working with international companies, its population of 1.3 billion is now dominated by around 600 million people under the age of 28. This young population is educated, speaks fluent English and is highly ambitious. With population growth, competition for roles is high, and supply costs remain incredibly competitive.


Political and macro-economic stability is a really important element to consider when selecting on a destination to build your remote team. India is a democratic nation with annual GDP growth of around 7%. The Indian government is investing heavily in making India an easy nation to do business with, which ensures strong and stable internet connectivity even in remote areas and simple and efficient visa processing for travel to and from India. FX rates are also particularly favourable.


Working effectively with people in a different region isn’t all about language. It’s about culture. India’s heritage in outsourcing has contributed towards a population who are globally minded and service-oriented. Working well in a team, Indian people are sociable, flexible and polite. In India, you will build a team of dedicated and committed professionals.  


Working with Black Piano is different. When people join, they just don’t want to leave. Ever. Our very special culture is friendly, and inclusive and celebrates people, not profits.
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