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We’re all about simple, transparent pricing. All employment compensation and overheads are covered. No up-front fees. No ‘starting’ fees. No hidden fees.

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Whether you want to hire a short-term for a project, start hiring permanent staff or build your remote team from scratch, we have a package that works for you.

Quick fix

£ - - -

(custom pricing)
1 full-time contract hire
No probation
2-week notice at any time
5-day resume turnaround  
English language assessment
Payroll, taxes and compliance
Multi-currency payments

Start small


(per month + salary)
1 full-time permanent hire

Start small


(per month + salary)
1 full-time permanent hire
6 week probation, then:
2 month notice at any time
5-day resume turnaround
English language assessment
Criminal record check
Credit check
Everything in the Start small plan, plus:
No probation
12-month fixed term

Grow big

10% off

10 or more full-time permanent hires
Everything in the Start Small Plan plus:
Dedicated Recruiter
Dedicated People Manager
03:00-22:00 GMT support line

Price comparison

We know that selecting a partner is confusing. Who does what? How much do they charge and when? So, we’ve simplified it for you.


of Record


We offer more

There’s lots of choice out there. Freelancer sites for short-term contract hires. Recruiters if you already have a legal entity set up offshore. But if you need a little more support, here’s why you should pick Black Piano as your talent partner.  


All human. No platforms. Personalised care.
Comprehensive recruitment service.  
Comprehensive HR service.  
Comprehensive EOR service.  
Dedicated staff working only for you.
Focus on staff retention. 98% since 2020.
Knowledge retained year after year.  
Simple, transparent pricing. No hidden fees.  
Low total cost. We keep our margin tiny.
Motivated and committed staff.
Market-leading salaries. Happy people.
You’re buying time, not delivery outcomes.
Control of delivery is in your hands.


checkAll human. No platforms. Personalised care.
checkComprehensive recruitment service.  
checkComprehensive HR service.  
checkComprehensive EOR service.  
checkDedicated staff working only for you.
checkFocus on staff retention. 98% since 2020.
checkKnowledge retained year after year.  
checkSimple, transparent pricing. No hidden fees.  
checkLow total cost. We keep our margin tiny.
checkMotivated and committed staff.
checkMarket-leading compensation package.
checkYou’re buying time, not delivery outcomes.
checkControl of delivery is in your hands.

of Record

remove Self-service platform only. Limited support.
removeNo recruitment service.
remove No HR service. You’ll have to manage alone.
remove EOR service only.
remove Dedicated staff working only for you
removeFocus on headcount growth, not retention.
removeKnowledge can disappear as staff exit.
removeFees are confusing. Watch out!
removeAverage total cost.
removeStaff culture is down to you. No support.
removeSalary setting is down to you.
removeYou’re buying time, not delivery outcomes.
removeControl of delivery is in your hands.


remove Bloated agency service. Account Manager-led.
remove ‘Bench’ staff that are not hired for you.  
remove In-house agency HR team (usually)  
remove Staff may be employed or contracted.
remove Rotate staff between clients.
remove Focus on maximising margin, not retention.
remove Knowledge is lost as staff rotate and exit.
remove Fixed projects or day rates. No transparency.  
remove High total cost. Large margins. 
removeStaff feel closer to the agency.
removeSalaries set too low. Staff attrition is high.
removeYou’re buying delivery outcomes, not time.
removeAgencies are in control of delivery. Risky!

Our clients

Black Piano brings deep expertise in building and maintaining offshore teams with best-in-class people, processes and culture. Very quickly, they have become a fundamental part of our company and have influenced greatly our IT delivery milestones.

Fabiano, CEO

Parabellum RE

Working with Black Piano as our strategic resourcing partner has been an absolute game-changer for NFS Technology. When we embarked on the development of a completely new solution, we knew we needed a team with precisely the right skills to bring our vision to life. Black Piano stepped in seamlessly, expertly setting up a brand-new team tailored to our project's unique requirements.

Seraj, Senior Director Product

NFS Technology

With Black Piano, we have built an offshore team of dedicated and talented individuals who have completed multiple MVPs in exceptional time and quality. Black Piano deeply understand our needs, going above and beyond to connect us with the right candidates.

Charlie, Portfolio Manager

New Future Ventures

We started working with Black Piano only 6 months ago and in that time we’ve built a team of 23 performance marketing professionals. When I met Black Piano, I wanted to set up an offshore team, and I was thinking about going it alone. Give Jonathan a call, and let him and his team guide you through the process. The speed they work is exceptional, their pricing is fair and transparent, and the additional support we get is invaluable. We’re true partners!

Nathan, CEO

Make Me Local

The Black Piano partnership is reliable and efficient, and has resulted in our ability to deliver timeously to our clients. The best value in the relationship comes from the continual interaction with Jonathan and Abhishek. It is very easy to work with them as they are accommodating to our business needs during challenging situations. This has undoubtedly created a winning formula for success.

Steve, Operations Executive


Black Piano has been a game-changer for our company, leveraging their expertise and knowledge to source the best talent while saving us a significant amount of time on recruitment, interviewing, and management. Their services have been invaluable in helping us streamline our operations and achieve our business objectives.

Luis, Managing Director

Parabellum RE

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Our simple, inclusive service handholds you and your business through the process of building your remote team. We find you the right candidate. We legally employ them for you. And we look after them so well, they never leave.