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Our simple, inclusive service handholds you and your business through the process of building your remote team. We find you the right candidate. We legally employ them for you. And we look after them so well, they never leave.

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Hiring great people starts in recruitment. But finding people overseas can be much harder work than locally. Where do you start? LinkedIn? Local job boards? University campuses?
Our team of recruiters are deeply experienced in quickly finding you a selection of suitable candidates for your open roles. Every candidate is pre-screened and supplied to you with a resume, video introduction and pre-negotiated compensation package.
Dedicated recruiter
3-day resume turnaround  
Video introduction
English language assessment
Criminal record check
Credit check
Screening call with recruiter
Pre-interview with Director
Pre-negotiated compensation package
Keeping candidate warm
Permanent contract
Non-disclosure agreement
Payroll, taxes and compliance
Multi-currency payments
Localised benefits
Time writing
Holiday management
Activity tracking


How do you hire someone in a region where you have no experience or legal presence? With difficulty! You could freelance direct? That’s notoriously unreliable. Use an outsourcing agency? Unnecessarily expensive.
We operate like an Employer of Record (EOR). We are the legal employer of all our hires. They are permanent employees of Black Piano and work exclusively for you, just like a permanent member of staff.


One of the most important elements to building an effective team is talent retention. You spend a lot of time upskilling and training your team, you don’t want them moving on too soon.
We have developed a magic formula that has helped us achieve a 98% retention rate since 2020. Partnering with Black Piano will help you build a deeply committed and highly motivated team, supported by our team of HR professionals.
Dedicated People Manager
Regular pastoral check-ins
Laptop and equipment
O365 standard
Access to Black Piano offices
Home office set up
Internet connectivity
Reward and recognition
Special event gifting
03:00-22:00 GMT support line

Black Piano clients

Black Piano brings deep expertise in building and maintaining offshore teams with best-in-class people, processes and culture. Very quickly, they have become a fundamental part of our company and have influenced greatly our IT delivery milestones.

Fabiano, CEO

Parabellum RE

Working with Black Piano as our strategic resourcing partner has been an absolute game-changer for NFS Technology. When we embarked on the development of a completely new solution, we knew we needed a team with precisely the right skills to bring our vision to life. Black Piano stepped in seamlessly, expertly setting up a brand-new team tailored to our project's unique requirements.

Seraj, Senior Director Product

NFS Technology

With Black Piano, we have built an offshore team of dedicated and talented individuals who have completed multiple MVPs in exceptional time and quality. Black Piano deeply understand our needs, going above and beyond to connect us with the right candidates.

Charlie, Portfolio Manager

New Future Ventures

We started working with Black Piano only 6 months ago and in that time we’ve built a team of 23 performance marketing professionals. When I met Black Piano, I wanted to set up an offshore team, and I was thinking about going it alone. Give Jonathan a call, and let him and his team guide you through the process. The speed they work is exceptional, their pricing is fair and transparent, and the additional support we get is invaluable. We’re true partners!

Nathan, CEO

Make Me Local

The Black Piano partnership is reliable and efficient, and has resulted in our ability to deliver timeously to our clients. The best value in the relationship comes from the continual interaction with Jonathan and Abhishek. It is very easy to work with them as they are accommodating to our business needs during challenging situations. This has undoubtedly created a winning formula for success.

Steve, Operations Executive


Black Piano has been a game-changer for our company, leveraging their expertise and knowledge to source the best talent while saving us a significant amount of time on recruitment, interviewing, and management. Their services have been invaluable in helping us streamline our operations and achieve our business objectives.

Luis, Managing Director

Parabellum RE

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We’re all about simple, transparent pricing. All employment compensation and overheads are covered. No up-front fees. No ‘starting’ fees. No hidden fees.