Start-up Incubator

New Future Ventures (NFV) is a UK-based product incubator, established in 2020. They provide equity investment and deep expertise to founders, helping launch ambitious B2B software start-ups. They wanted to set up a product engineering team to support a suite of investments. They identified India as their preferred location due to its depth of expertise in software engineering.

Getting MVPs to market quickly

We started small…

We started working with NFV in January 2021, when NFV was a brand new concept. Budgets were limited. We first hired a freelance Software Engineer and a UX/UI Designer, who worked independently on some smaller projects.

Building the team

Once budgets were secured, we added permanent Front-end and Back-end Developers, a QA Engineer and a Programme Manager. This team bonded quickly under strong leadership, and have worked on a wide range of products, from real estate apps to carbon monitoring, finance portals and SEO products.  

Growing careers

The core team members have been in role for over 3 years, and have enjoyed steady career growth and annual pay increments during this time. This team is now deeply engrained and trusted to deliver time and time again.