Platform Development

Complementing an in-house team

NFS Technology is a UK-based platform development company, established in 1994, with around 150 people across UK, US, South Africa and India. They specialise in workplace management and hospitality solutions, and are well-known for their Rendezvous workplace platform and Aloha restaurant EPOS software. They already had a team in India, but they were struggling to find niche skills quickly.

Tactical start

We started working with NFS in August 2023. The first few hires were initially tactical in nature – to support on technologies which are expiring, or on projects which were coming to an end in the near future.

Rapid expansion

The speed that we are able to find great people quickly led us to help with three more senior-level roles, across mobile, API and full-stack development. These hires have joined the core product development team and are expected to be in role permanently.


"Working with Black Piano as our strategic resourcing partner has been an absolute game-changer for NFS Technology. When we embarked on the development of a completely new solution, we knew we needed a team with precisely the right skills to bring our vision to life. Black Piano stepped in seamlessly, expertly setting up a brand-new team tailored to our project's unique requirements. Their assistance didn't stop there. As we juggled multiple projects simultaneously, Black Piano proved instrumental in providing key resources essential for our success. Their ability to swiftly identify and onboard top talent ensured smooth project delivery, exceeding our expectations every step of the way. Thanks to Black Piano's invaluable support and commitment to excellence, NFS Technology continues to innovate and thrive in today's dynamic market. They're not just a resourcing partner; they're an indispensable part of our success story” – Seraj, Senior Director Product, NFS Technology

Strategic partnership

One of our hires has been identified by NFS as their Technical Lead, and a team is now being built around them. We have a strong pipeline of future hires and are now considered a strategic resourcing partner.

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