Performance Marketing

Make Me Local (MML) is a UK-based digital marketing agency, established in 2013, with a team of 60 people across UK, Romania, India and south-east Asia. They wanted to establish a remote SEO and Copywriting team that could service their client base of small-medium sized UK businesses. They identified India as their preferred location due to its large talent pool and affordability.

Building a Search team from scratch

The key to getting started…

We started working with MML in July 2023, and first sourced and hired an experienced SEO Lead. When building a team from scratch, it is a great idea to invest up-front and hire the future team lead first – so they can contribute to the hiring of the rest of the team.

Scaling up…fast!

Over the next three months, we hired four Senior SEO Executives and three Senior Copywriters, people with 5+ years’ experience, who quickly got to work delivering for MML’s clients.


Six months on, we’ve built a 23-person strong SEO and Copywriting team for MML. This team has an effective organisational hierarchy and efficient working processes, and is delivering results for MML clients.